5 Common Newborn Baby Health Problems

The birth of a baby will be the happiest moment for all those who surround him or her and especially the parents. Once your newborn steps into this world, as a parent you should take care of your baby’s health. Newborns are easily gets affected by germs so every parent must know the common newborn baby health problems and solutions to keep their baby healthy. Read below to know the common newborn baby health problems that every infant experiences after its birth.

5 Common Infant Health Problems

It’s difficult to handle infants when he/she is sick. Some common newborn baby health problems include cough, cold, fever, cradle cap, and vomiting. Take look at the most common baby health problems and its causes in detail.

1. Cold

Babies are highly prone to infections so they often suffer from a common cold. Cold is a result of a viral infection on your baby’s nose and throat. As a mother, you can easily identify while your baby affected by cold as runny nose and nasal congestion are the key indicators of a common cold. Besides, cold may cause a cough to your newborns.

2. Cough

Cough is a common newborn baby health problem which is caused due to cold or flu. Newborns often cough to get rid of mucus. There are various types of cough that affect babies include croup cough, dry cough, wet cough, and whooping cough. Each cough occurs due to various reasons. Every mother should know how to identify the type of cough that your babies suffer from and solutions for it.

3. Fever

In infants, fever may be the sign of a serious infection. Besides, changes in your newborn’s behavior can be another sign of illness. If your baby is ill, he or she may cry more, feels sleepy or less energetic. Babies less than one month of age should be taken to the hospital if they suffer from fever for more than two days.

4. Skin Problems

As babies are highly exposed to infections, there are chances that your babies prone to skin problems. Some common skin problems include cradle cap and diaper rash may cause more pain to your baby. Diaper infections may be caused due to dyes and contents used in it. Hence, mothers are recommended to change their young ones diaper often and use good diaper cream. Moreover, excessive production of oil by skin glands results in cradle cap. Use a mild shampoo to wash your babies’ hair to get rid of cradle cap.

5. Vomiting

Like cold, cough, and fever, vomiting is a common newborn baby health problem among babies. It’s common for infants to spit up milk after you feed. But, frequent vomiting is not normal so you should take it into an account and find solutions for it. If your baby vomits frequently, first ensure that your baby is not allergic to breast milk or lactose intolerant and then try consulting a pediatrician.

These are some of the most common newborn baby health problems that most babies less than a month of age experiences. Take care of your baby’s health by knowing the common infant health problems and solutions for it.

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