Is Pacifier for Babies good or bad?

Pros and cons of Pacifier use

Babies love to suck something when teething begins. Expert says that infants crying for the breast or bottle are not always meant for hungry instead babies feel to suck on something. A pacifier can help to settle a baby and turns off his/her tears. Are you worrying about whether your babies should use pacifiers or not? Cool! Pacifiers provide benefits to your baby and it’s likely to reduce the risk of Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). As a parent, you are responsible for choosing a perfect pacifier that provides comfort to your baby. Let’s read to know how soon you can give a pacifier and the side effects of pacifier use.

Pros and Cons of Pacifier use

Pacifiers help parents to turn off the tears of their babies. Even though the pacifier has many benefits for babies, it should be introduced to your baby at the right age. Following are the pros and cons of using a pacifier.

Pros of Pacifiers

Let’s first read the perks of pacifiers before knowing their cons.

  1. Reduces the risk of SIDS

Pacifier acts as a lifesaver for a baby. Research has shown that pacifier use is more likely to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). And, it helps to open up air space around an infant’s mouth and nose ensuring that your baby can breathe better.

  1. Controls colic

Looking for a way to control the long bouts of colic in an infant? If so, a pacifier can help you in calming down your babies. Moreover, it helps to save your baby from a finger-sucking habit. Pacifiers help parents in soothing their fussy baby by working as a relief and distraction.

  1. Helpful during flight

Pacifiers help parents during air travel with their baby. Your baby’s ears might go pop when traveling by air due to the abrupt changes in the air pressure. Hence, pack a pacifier in your bags to soothe your baby during flight as it calms the air pressure in the ear.

  1. Improves the sucking reflex

Is your little one having a poor sucking reflex? A preterm baby may have poor sucking reflexes because of incomplete physical development. Expert says that pacifier use helps to improve the sucking reflex in premature babies.

With the benefits of pacifiers done, let’s read the cons of pacifiers.

Cons of Pacifiers

  1. Hard habit to break

Pacifiers can be used to exercise the sucking reflex. But, if you give a pacifier to your baby within the first month, it may lead to nipple confusion. Frequent use of a pacifier may end up interference with breastfeeding. Besides, it can be a harder habit to stop.

  1. Increases the risk of ear infections and dental problems

Using an unclean pacifier can transfer bacteria from the mouth to the middle ear which in turn it leads to ear disease. Moreover, frequent use of a pacifier may impact your baby’s dental and oral health.

Hope you enjoyed this article and aware of the pros and cons of the pacifiers.

Pacifiers come in various sizes for distinct age groups. Hence, you need to choose the right one based on your little one’s age.


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