4 Best Mobile Apps for Parents to Monitor Child’s Activities

Parental Mobile Apps for Monitoring Children

After the arrival of Android smartphones, thousands of mobile apps were available in the Google play store and also from other sources on multiple websites at free of cost. Please note that all these apps are not genuine. Always try to download and install apps from the trusted sources only. Otherwise, there might be a chance for our data piracy and device malfunction.

Best Parental Control Apps

Nodaway’s people are running like a machine to do their day-to-day activities. Most importantly parents need to take care of their children, job, and their routine work. Their major activities are playing games, chat with friends, and surfing for their studies, and so on. Previously, children were using their parent’s mobile phones to do these activities. In this scenario, parents can check their mobile phone history after their children’s usage and knows what all they did with the mobile phone. Some parents are offering a personal mobile for their children, along with a high-speed internet connection for their study purpose. But, parents are willing to monitor their children’s mobile usage. Moreover, children were using smartphones better than their parents. So, parents need special apps to track their children’s activity without their knowledge. Here we will discuss some of the useful apps for parents.

  1. Qustodio

Qustodio is one of the best apps used to monitor the mobile which is connected remotely. By using this app, parents can able to connect their children’s mobile phones and monitor their activity like browser history and can able to block adult pages, restrict usages of particular apps and check recently used apps and text. It’s a wonderful app for parents to get in touch with their children at any time and anywhere. A most important feature is, we can able to connect and track multiple devices. This app is supported for both Android & IOS.

  1. Web Watcher

Web Watcher is a spyware app that can be used to track browser history, chat messages, social media images, and videos at any time. This app is supported only in the Android platform from the external source only and not available in the play store. An additional feature in this app is it allows to take a screenshot of a connected mobile device in a predefined time period. It will be the best app for parents to monitor their children.

  1. Video Monster

Video Monster is a powerful app used in the YouTube app. Most children are interested in watching videos on YouTube. This app will block the pop-up ads while playing videos on YouTube and also restrict the video suggestions consist of adult contented videos from YouTube. With the help of this app, parents can allow their children to watch videos on YouTube without any hesitation.

  1. Ignore No More

Ignore No More is the best app for every parent. Sometimes, children were most busy playing games, and social media means, they can cut their parent’s calls or not answering the call without knowing their emergency. This app will help to lock their children a phone and restrict them from other activity and allows them only to make a call to their parent’s number as predefined and ask them for a randomly generated PIN to unlock the device. So, children won’t escape from their parent’s call.

Make use of these parental control apps to track your child’s phone.


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