3 Tips for Parents to Limit Children’s use of Technology

Technology Tips for Parents

We have to accept that, now technology is ruling our world mysteriously. Day to day our technology is booming like a volcano. Still, there is a tough war against the merits and demerits of this technology. Meantime, using this technology in the right way will be more helpful.

Technology is easily accessible by everyone in this generation. A most important consideration is children are more fluent in using this technology when compared with their parents. So, there is a need for a technology guide for parents. Technology guide means not a big thing, we need to take care of our children and monitor their day to day activities.

Let’s discuss some important aspects.

  1. Usage of mobile phones:

In most of the houses, each and everyone has their own mobile phone including the children’s also. Some parents thought that providing an advanced mobile phone to their children makes them more knowledgeable in advanced technology. Yes, it may be correct in some points of view. But parents make sure that their children are using the mobile phone in the right way and also it’s their responsibility to guide them in a correct path. We have a mind that, their parents are the first role model of every child. In what way the parents are using their mobile phones will be copied by their children.

For example, if a parent using their personal mobile phone secured by password and not providing access to their family member means, the same thing will be registered in the mind of their child. So we have to teach our child that mobile phones are used for communication purposes and not to hide any secrets and all mobile phones in a family are most transparent to all their family members, most importantly children. Always practice the child to speaking in a mobile phone in commonplace of the home while the presence of all. It will encourage the child to be transparent with the family members.

  1. Surfing on the internet:

In this generation, high-speed internet connectivity is available in everyone’s home. Usage of the internet in the right way will give a lot of benefits to everyone. At the same time, there might a lot of chances of misusing the same. Because anybody can surf the internet from their mobile phone itself and there is no password protection or restrictions are available for unwanted sites. So, anybody can able to access any page from the internet. It will lead the children to access the unwanted pages through pop-up links or direct navigation through the browser. To avoid this situation, some of the browsers having the facility to restrict pages consist of adult content. So parents can take benefit of these features in their system or mobile phone while giving it to their children for usage.

  1. Handling of Gadgets:

A lot of applications are available on our mobile phones and desktops. Every parent will practice a regular checkup with their children’s mobile phone and system for what are all the gadgets. If anything found to be bad, we have to educate our child about the demerits of the same in a soft manner.

Whatever the technology may be advanced, still every parent needs to have special care over their children’s usage of gadgets.


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